China Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

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Product Description
1. Vacuum packing machine DZ400/ZT is table-top type with 304 stainless steel. It obtains patent of Chinese invention.
2. The vacuum chamber is formed by pressing once without welding. The service life is longer.
3. Digital interface control, more humanized operation. PLC control system with program.
4. This machine is set with the function of combining vacuum, sealing, printing in one process and, for different packing materials and requirements, with the adjustable devices for the vacuum, hot-sealing temperature and time so as for the users to get optimum selection and adjustment for an optimum effect of packing.
5. It's widely used in food, hardware, chemicals, electronic, etc.This model special for small shop, drugstore, supermarket and so on.
6. Using Chinese 3C certified components. Really efficient and stable.
7. Customize: OEM and ODM available.
8. Certificate: ISO9001, CE.
9. Nitrogen filling function optional.
Technology Parameters
Model/FeatureDZ-400/ZT single sealing bar/two sealing bar
Power supply110V/60HZ 220V/50HZ
Ultimate vacuum1KPa
Packing speed1~3pcs/min
Vacuum Room440*420*70(110)
Sealing size400*10mm
Machine size490*550*580mm
Pack size590*640*690mm
N.W&G.W62.5Kg, 77.5Kg
Other specifications vacuum sealer can be customizedChina Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

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