Cordless Brushless Rotary Hammer Made in China

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Hangbo HBL-2210, 21V LI-ION Multuifunction 22MM CORDLESS Brushless ROTARY HAMMER
Max Hole Opening:
Concrete 22mm
Steel 13mm
Wood 28mm
No-Load Speed:0-1400rpm
Impact Times:0-3900bpm
Battery Pack:21V/3.0Ah
Product Feature
1.Expert quality
2.Constant variable speed control
3.Fan-cooled motor
4.Brushless,more powerfull
5.Two-finger,dust-sealed,trigger,variable speed switch
6.Limiting device
7.User-friendly reverse
8.Professional design for industry use
9.Compact design with soft grip handle brings comfort during operation.

Product Description
Hangbo CORDLESS Brushless ROTARY HAMMER offers similar power to a corded hammer – with cordless convenience. It was designed with an efficient EC Brushless motor, which provides 50 percent more impact energy and greater tool runtime than previous-generation cordless hammers with brushes. It has KickBack Control, an integrated sensor to stop tool rotation in bind-up situations. it delivers powerful impact energy, for an outstanding impact-to-weight ratio. It also has such advanced features as Electronic Precision Control, for smoother bit starts; Vibration Control, for extended user comfort; and Electronic Motor and Cell Protection, to avoid overheating and overload. It has an ergonomic L-shaped design for easier horizontal drilling. This is a bare tool; the battery and charger are sold separately.
ApplicationCordless Brushless Rotary Hammer Made in China

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