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Puhalei X5 has big power, more colors, good balance with small bodies. We have a production capacity of Puhalei X5 Electric Harley Motorbike more than 1000 pieces per month. With well-trained technical person and modern full-automatic equipments, we are always capable of controlling the quality well to meet the customer's requirements.
Product NamePuhalei X5 Electric Harley Motorbike
Model No.QS-033
Voltage60 V
Charging Time6-8 Hours
Battery60 V / 12 Ah Lithium Battery
Motor Power1000 W
Max Speed50 Km / h
Max Load200 Kg
Tire Size18x9.5’’
Net Weight58 Kg
Place Of OriginZhejiang, China
Delivery PortShanghai Or Ningbo
Delivery Time15-20 Days After Payment
1. Standard Exporting package.
2. Original package or neutral package.
3. According to clients ' needs.
4. You can choose various modes of e-bicycles

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